One of the most ancient Belgian beer styles is ‘Oud Bruin’ (literally Old Brown). Oscar Oud Bruin is one of the most recent beers in this style.

‘A dark old brown surprise’

The beer is brewed according to a very traditional brewing technique in which the fermentation by yeast is accompanied by lactic fermentation. This lactic fermentation produces lactic acid which give the beer its sour character. So, relax, it’s not infected! It’s meant to be sour. The second (lactic) fermentation happens on wooden barrels for a duration of 7 months on average which makes the beer the rarest in our portfolio.
Oscar Oud Bruin thus is the sour brother of the Oscar Bruin (the base beer – only sold in Belgium) which is a lighter brown ale (6,5% abv). Main characteristics of the beer are its average bitterness (20 IBU), light body and smooth caramel flavor.
A brown culinary beer brewed with patience and to be enjoyed.
Beware: only available in Cans and Kegs.

Alcohol Degree: 6.5%ALC./VOL
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 43-46°F
Can Content: 11.2 FL OZ

Taste: Characterful old brown smooth

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