Oscar Blond is the first brand Eutropius Brewing produced. It’s been on the market since 2011 and has been the flagship of the brewery ever since.

oscar blond belgian beer

‘A strong Belgian blonde ale’

For the brewing of Oscar Blond we use only Belgian barley malt en Belgian hops grown in Ypres area.The malt gives the beer its easy drinking body while the hops give you the typical Belgian freshness.The (American) top fermenting yeast strain used both for fermentation and bottle (!) conditioning tops of the flavor and gives the beer it’s balance. An easy drinking beer for the lazy afternoon or the party evening. Drinks best out of the specifically designed Oscar glass.
Beware: only available in Cans and Kegs.

Alcohol Degree: 6.6%ALC./VOL
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 43-46°F
Can Content: 11.2 FL OZ

Taste: Light bitter

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