In the tenth century, the River Scheldt served as the border between the French and German empires, with Ename as an important strategic location. In 1063 a Benedictine abbey was founded there, and the first brewing activities date back to this time. The abbey became the beating heart of Ename and there was much activity in and around it until the 18th century. Sadly, the abbey was closed and dismantled during the French revolution, and all that remains of it now are the ruins... Fortunately however, the beer did not disappear forever with the Abbey of Ename. Brouwerij Roman applies a passion for beer, craftsmanship and respect for the mediaeval Benedictine recipe to produce five genuine abbey beers (blond, dubbel, pater, tripel and rouge), each with its own character.

‘A Light red abbey beer with a spicy aroma’

Ename Rouge is a deep-red abbey beer with a light pink head in which the natural flavor of cherries dominates. A touch of sweetness in the nose. The generous taste shows sweet and sour in perfect balance thanks to the addition of cherry juice. The finish is particularly refreshing. If you like cherry, this is the one for you.

Alcohol Degree: 6.0%ALC./VOL
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 43-46°F
Bottle Content: 11.2 FL OZ

Taste: Full-bodied and a touch creamy, sweet malt, hints of herbs, caramel, barely noticeable acidity, very mild presence of bitter hops, long, slightly bitter and dry finish.
Aroma: Fruity (ripe pears) and herby aroma, caramel, sweet malt, yeast
Appearance: Cherrie Red

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