With ingredients such as coriander, Curaçao and organic Belgian hops, the AB tripel results in a spicy premium organic tripel with 9 percent alcohol by volume.

‘Organic and rich in flavor’

The Adriaen Brouwer is an organic beer. This means that all ingredients used to brew the beer are grown organically… and that’s a first for the brewery that has existed since 1545!

Alcohol Degree: 9.0%ALC./VOL
Recommended Pouring Temperature: 43-45°F
Bottle Content: 11.2 FL OZ

Taste: Herbs (coriander, Curaçao), Belgian organic hops, powerful and full-bodied
Aroma: Herbs (coriander, Curaçao) mixed with citrus aromas, mild hints of hops
Appearance: Clear, Gold, Bubbly, Sturdy White Head

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